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[Deprecated] go/v2 ( - “Kubebuilder 2.x” layout)

The go/v2 plugin has the purpose to scaffold Golang projects to help users to build projects with controllers and keep the backwards compatibility with the default scaffold made using Kubebuilder CLI 2.x.z releases.

When should I use this plugin ?

Only if you are looking to scaffold a project with the legacy layout. Otherwise, it is recommended you to use the default Golang version plugin.

How to use it ?

To initialize a Golang project using the legacy layout and with this plugin run, e.g.:

kubebuilder init --domain --repo --plugins=go/v2

Subcommands supported by the plugin ?

  • Init - kubebuilder init [OPTIONS]
  • Edit - kubebuilder edit [OPTIONS]
  • Create API - kubebuilder create api [OPTIONS]
  • Create Webhook - kubebuilder create webhook [OPTIONS]

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