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Changing things up

This tutorial will show you how to create a custom configuration file for your project by modifying a project generated with the --component-config flag passed to the init command. The full tutorial’s source can be found here. Make sure you’ve gone through the installation steps before continuing.

New project:

# we'll use a domain of,
# so all API groups will be <group>
kubebuilder init --domain --component-config

Setting up an existing project

If you’ve previously generated a project we can add support for parsing the config file by making the following changes to main.go.

First, add a new flag to specify the path that the component config file should be loaded from.

var configFile string
flag.StringVar(&configFile, "config", "",
    "The controller will load its initial configuration from this file. "+
        "Omit this flag to use the default configuration values. "+
            "Command-line flags override configuration from this file.")

Now, we can setup the Options struct and check if the configFile is set, this allows backwards compatibility, if it’s set we’ll then use the AndFrom function on Options to parse and populate the Options from the config.

var err error
options := ctrl.Options{Scheme: scheme}
if configFile != "" {
    options, err = options.AndFrom(ctrl.ConfigFile().AtPath(configFile))
    if err != nil {
        setupLog.Error(err, "unable to load the config file")

Lastly, we’ll change the NewManager call to use the options variable we defined above.

mgr, err := ctrl.NewManager(ctrl.GetConfigOrDie(), options)

With that out of the way, we can get on to defining our new config!

Create the file /config/manager/controller_manager_config.yaml with the following content:

kind: ControllerManagerConfig
  healthProbeBindAddress: :8081
  port: 9443
  leaderElect: true
# leaderElectionReleaseOnCancel defines if the leader should step down volume
# when the Manager ends. This requires the binary to immediately end when the
# Manager is stopped, otherwise, this setting is unsafe. Setting this significantly
# speeds up voluntary leader transitions as the new leader don't have to wait
# LeaseDuration time first.
# In the default scaffold provided, the program ends immediately after
# the manager stops, so would be fine to enable this option. However,
# if you are doing or is intended to do any operation such as perform cleanups
# after the manager stops then its usage might be unsafe.
# leaderElectionReleaseOnCancel: true

Update the file /config/manager/kustomization.yaml by adding at the bottom the following content:

  disableNameSuffixHash: true

- name: manager-config
  - controller_manager_config.yaml

Update the file default/kustomization.yaml by adding under the patchesStrategicMerge: key the following patch:

# Mount the controller config file for loading manager configurations
# through a ComponentConfig type
- manager_config_patch.yaml

Update the file default/manager_config_patch.yaml by adding under the spec: key the following patch:

      - name: manager
        - "--config=controller_manager_config.yaml"
        - name: manager-config
          mountPath: /controller_manager_config.yaml
          subPath: controller_manager_config.yaml
      - name: manager-config
          name: manager-config