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Updating main

Once you have defined your new custom component config type we need to make sure our new config type has been imported and the types are registered with the scheme. If you used kubebuilder create api this should have been automated.

import (
    // ... other imports
    configv2 ""
    // +kubebuilder:scaffold:imports

With the package imported we can confirm the types have been added.

func init() {
	// ... other scheme registrations
	// +kubebuilder:scaffold:scheme

Lastly, we need to change the options parsing in main.go to use this new type. To do this we’ll chain OfKind onto ctrl.ConfigFile() and pass in a pointer to the config kind.

var err error
ctrlConfig := configv2.ProjectConfig{}
options := ctrl.Options{Scheme: scheme}
if configFile != "" {
    options, err = options.AndFrom(ctrl.ConfigFile().AtPath(configFile).OfKind(&ctrlConfig))
    if err != nil {
        setupLog.Error(err, "unable to load the config file")

Now if you need to use the .clusterName field we defined in our custom kind you can call ctrlConfig.ClusterName which will be populated from the config file supplied.